Commercial Aquatics Water Disinfection with Ozone is Safe and Effective

Chlorine is no longer enough. Increases in Recreational Water Illnesses associated with commercial pool and aquatics venue water that is disinfected with traditional chemical cocktails, a rise in illnesses and complaints related to the chlorine by-product, chloramine, and recent research suggesting a possible link between chlorine and cancer as well as asthma risks, lead swimmers and health officials to search for an answer.

The latest recommendation to be announced in the upcoming Model Aquatic Health Code, which is sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, is that commercial pools should have Secondary Disinfection with either ozone or UV. Secondary disinfection is intended to mitigate the risks of chlorine-only sanitation by reducing chloramines and providing an effective treatment for Cryptosporidium parvum for a higher level of sanitation.

There are clear reasons to choose Ozone over UV, most importantly that ozone is an oxidizer and UV is not. In fact, the oxidizing power of ozone is significantly greater than chlorine and is able to kill microorganisms, destroy organics that create chloramines, and break down existing chloramines by oxidation. For an independent assessment of ozone, read Cloward H20's Allen Clawson's entertaining  article about it, written from the experience of an aquatics designer (PDF, opens in new window).

Benefits of Ozone for Commercial Pools and Aquatics Venues:

The benefits of ozone for aquatics sanitation abound.

  • Ozone significantly reduces chlorine consumption
  • Ozone controls chloramines to a safe level while leaving free chlorine available to provide bather-to-bather protection from cross-contamination in the pool
  • Ozone leaves behind no harmful byproducts
  • Ozone improves water quality (recall the difference between ozone and smog)
  • Ozone destroys 99.9% of Cryptosporidium on contact
  • Ozone improves indoor air quality by controlling chloramines and reducing potential for structural corrosion
  • Ozone provides micro-flocculation to aid filtration and noticeably improve water clarity
  • Ozone oxidizes organic and inorganic contaminants that can produce harmful halogenated byproducts

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DEL’s Commercial Aquatics Ozone Program:

DEL Ozone’s Commercial Aquatics and Pool Ozone Program brings together everything you need to invest in pool water that is safer, healthier, and more enjoyable. Our program includes expert ozone consulting, ozone equipment, system design, financing, and ongoing field and customer service.

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Going Beyond Commercial Pools to the Laundry Room

DEL Ozone offers a complementary program to suit the needs of commercial pool operators that also run on-premise laundry facilities. Hotels are a prime example. Ozone laundry is used to reduce laundry expenses and contribute to a better environment, while improving linen outcomes. Learn about ozone laundry.

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